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The Wild Harmonic - Beth W. Patterson


New Orleans musician and werewolf Birch “Buzz” MacKinlay thinks she’s alone in the world until the mysterious and captivating Rowan welcomes her into his pack.  Her new pack mates take her through a crash course on the use of her werewolf gifts as she learns all about other shape-shifters in the world. But she also discovers that there is a dark and growing danger to her new world as other “shifters” around her begin to die and disappear. With the menace closing in, her pack must work together with the rest of the “shifter” world to learn who –or what- is behind the threat before they are all destroyed.


Birch is on a mission to forge her way into the world of shapeshifters by day while playing her bass guitar on stage at night. Her world is filled with hecklers, drunks, stalkers, incompetent bandmates and fang-toothed double agents. But when she finds herself face-to-face with this powerful enemy, she must summon up all of her newfound werewolf skills in order to save her pack…or die trying.

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