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Praise for Beth Patterson

"A grandmistress of the bouzouki."
--Rootstown Music, Belgium

"Excellent singer and multi-instrumentalist."
--fRoots Magazine, UK

"Patterson displays true fierceness in her singing and continues her mastery of dozens of instruments, most notable the Irish bouzouki."
--Dirty Linen Magazine

“She is fearless in her attack of the instrument, playing with strength, power and virtuosic mastery. Her singing too is “dead on,” clear and strong, though somehow imbued with certain vulnerability.”
– Steve Chess, The Weekly Recorder

“Performances delivered with confidence and beauty… Beth’s songs and musical approach reflects her quest for a hybrid of musical styles.”
– Sing Out! Magazine

“…a citizen of the world…her music is smooth when it needs to be, strong when it has to, and always takes her audience to a place just as beautiful as her materials’ origin.”
 The Times of Acadiana

"Patterson’s craftings are an anachronism of sorts: traddish melodies stirred with contemporary, philosophical songwriting that’s a tsunami of intellectualism and signature expression. While she evokes images of a medieval country siren channeling her music through a delicate Irish-sounding set of pipes and ten prodigious fingers, how quickly those images fade. She’s adept at genre-crossing fusions…In between sonic personalizations, she unravels hilarious anecdotes…With Patterson, there’s always a surprise in store, except for one – she still snorts when she laughs, okay?"
– OffBeat Magazine, July 2005

"Tall, beautiful, and intense, she could easily frighten you with her formidable skills on the bouzouki, the Greek/Celtic stringed instrument she's studied for years, and completely mastered. But the minute she cocks her head, makes a goofy face, and breaks into one of her cartoon dialects, you realize this girl is really all about the fun. The show is full of stories, jokes, fiery instrumentals, Cajun folk dance, and a deeply-touching version of  "Waltzing Matilda".
-- The Moonlight Music Cafe, Birmingham, AL

“Beth is a bridge between the past and today, moving between the rich tradition of Celtic music and storytelling and very contemporary wit and social commentary. Her mastery of the bouzouki is truly amazing. The blazingly fast arrangements are intricate and extraordinary.”
– SCMA Ceili

"...Beth Patterson is known for her razor wit as well as her unique voice. She combines authentic lyrics, her infectious humor, muted vibrato, and a remarkable vocal range into a night of music and participatory entertainment."
-- DeltaStyle Magazine

"Patterson has a voice that is simultaneously sharp, pure enough to cut glass, and inviting and sensuous as fire... Her songs are lyrical quilts, woven of the words and emotions that often rest just one layer beyond the surface of life. Patterson's music is solid in every way -- instrumentally, vocally, lyrically-- and has an entrancing quality that brings the listener in to hear one well-crafted story after another."
-- Where Y'at Magazine

"The picture of the whipping blonde tresses of this hoyden hunched over the bouzouki and making it come alive and seemingly dance around the stage at her will is not an image anyone is likely to soon forget..."
-- The Pontchatoula Times

"Patterson's album is a measure of wide sound spectrum, dynamic and musical precision."
-- Radio Teutoburger Wald, Germany

"The range of that activity although with the scale which literally puts the world on the for energetic image, tempo to be good you feel in the way of MC of the stage whose also texture is good. When you hear, it is not possible how anyone who is overlooked that way probably will be. And so on, the tasting the literal nationality obscurity is feature."
-- Apple Jam Music, Japan

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