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The Wild Harmonic

Beth Patterson's first novel is an epic and adventurous tale that takes readers on a wild journey through the life of New Orleans musician and werewolf, Birch “Buzz” MacKinlay.

Misfits & Mongrels

New book release! Mongrels and Misfits, a complete collection of original lyrics, previously unreleased poetry, and stories.



  • Rise of the Goddess: “Shield of Light” 
  • Poets in Hell: “Haiku d’État” (2014)
  • Klarissa Dreams: “Shadow Redux” and “Dichotomy” 
  • Cogs in Time 2: “The Ticker” 
  • Performing in Japan: The KMC Guide to the World’s Largest Music Market: “Forward” 
  • A Bard Day’s Knight: “The Ungrateful Undead” 
  • Sha’Daa, Facets: “Four-Armed is Forewarned”
  • Tales of the Fairy, Steampunk Fairies: “Look Down” 
  • Lurking in the Deep: “Tubular Hells” 
  • Heroika, Dragon Eaters: "La Bétaille” 
  • Cogs in Time 3: “Rose Colored Goggles” and “Wrench in the Clockwork” 
  • Night of the Demon 2: “Bindweed” 
  • Sha’Daa, Inked: “Pipelines” 
  • A Bard Act to Follow: “The Mutiny of Broken Things”
  • Dark Corners, Night Chills Volume 2: “Foggy Pursuit”
  • Baker Street Irregulars: “Code Cracker”
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