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Céad Míle Fáilte! (A Hundred Thousand Welcomes!)

Come meet an award-winning musical misfit who crawled out of a Louisiana bayou and embarked on a journey paved by progressive rock. She headed for Istanbul and took a wrong turn somewhere around Ireland, creating delicious mayhem along the way: inventing some scandalous new traditions, coining some new words, collecting sick jokes and playing some blazing new riffs with a hypnotic new sound...

The Wild Harmonic

New Orleans musician and werewolf Birch “Buzz” MacKinlay thinks she’s alone in the world until the mysterious and captivating Rowan welcomes her into his pack.  Her new pack mates take her through a crash course on the use of her werewolf gifts as she learns all about other shape-shifters in the world. But she also discovers that there is a dark and growing danger to her new world as other “shifters” around her begin to die and disappear. With the menace closing in, her pack must work together with the rest of the shifter world to learn who - or what - is behind the threat before they are all destroyed.

In the works

I've got lots of cool stuff in the making right now, including a couple of forthcoming new singles on Stone Groove Records, some music for a podcast, and this bloody novel The Wild Harmonic! Stay tuned for these endeavors as they are launched into the real world, and check my schedule to see if I'm playing in a haunt near you.


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